Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

Real Dog
A Real Dog
Fictional Dog
A Fictional Dog

Is fact really stranger than fiction? Nice Mum say ‘no’. Nice Mum say ‘never’. Nice Mum need help talking in sentences.

Despite the quirkiest, surreal and downright bizarre facts known to mankind, such as the koala bear having a Y-shaped penis, Nice Mum maintain than fiction remains stranger than truth.

In an attempt to prove this, they have spent literally months this year making up totally fictitious things in order to finally prove this rather obvious point in the hope of getting some sort of novelty book deal before Christmas.

For example, did you know that:

  • A leopard can change it's spots using a special leopard Clearasil.
  • Myrrh is just fat rice what has been dyed.
  • The real name of actress and singer 'Queen Latifah' is 'Milli-Vanilli'.
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