On the Blog is a BBC radio sitcom starring Caroline Quentin, Simon Greenall and Andy Taylor.

Series Two is being re-run from 12 June 2010 on Saturday nights at 10.30pm on BBC Radio 2. It's written by Kris and Dave, who also appear in it, and features original music from our very own Mark Clements.

Transmission Details - Series 1 Re-Run

The entire series is being re-run in Spring 2009 on BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM) on Thursday nights at 10.30pm from 16th April - 21st May.

The original podcasts which accompanied the episodes are also still available for download further down the page.

Episode 1 Thursday  9th July, 22:30
Episode 2 Thursday  9th July, 22:30
Episode 3 Thursday  9th July, 22:30
Episode 4 Thursday  9th July, 22:30
Episode 5 Thursday  9th July, 22:30
Episode 6 Thursday  9th July, 22:30

Transmission Details - Series 1 (Original Broadcast)

The first series of six half-hour shows was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM) from 3rd May to 7th June 2007

As a special bonus, we prepared an exclusive podcast to go with each episode of the show. These contain completely new material, specially recorded for the internet, and are available below.

Episode 1 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
Saturday  5th May, 13:30
[Download Podcast]
Episode 2 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
Saturday 12th May, 13:30
[Download Podcast]
Episode 3 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
Saturday 19th May, 13:30
[Download Podcast]
Episode 4 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
Saturday 26th May, 13:30
[Download Podcast]
Episode 5 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
Saturday  2nd June, 13:30
[Download Podcast]
Episode 6 Thursday 26th July, 23:30
*Saturday repeat cancelled*
[Download Podcast]

About The Series

ON THE BLOG is a ground-breaking comedy show for BBC Radio 2, starring Caroline Quentin (Men Behaving Badly) Simon Greenall (I'm Alan Partridge) and Andy Taylor (Harry Enfield's Television Programme) and directed by Dirk Maggs (Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy) with a script edited by John Langdon (Bremner, Bird & Fortune).

ON THE BLOG is a comedy show about blogging, the internet and our relationship with computers. Based on the blog of Andrew Glasgow, a military war-gaming enthusiast and avid painter of miniature figurines, it's part sitcom, part satire of the increasing hold the online world has on our everyday lives. It's Adrian Mole's Diary meets On The Hour for the myspace generation.

Transmission Details - Series 2 Re-Run

The entire series is being re-run in Summer of 2010 on BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM) on Saturday nights at 10.30pm from 12th June.

Episode 1 Saturday 28th August, 22:30
Episode 2 Saturday 28th August, 22:30
Episode 3 Saturday 28th August, 22:30
Episode 4 Saturday 28th August, 22:30
Episode 5 Saturday 28th August, 22:30
Episode 6 tbc

Transmission Details - Series 2 (Original Broadcast)

The second series of six half-hour shows will be broadcast every Saturday on BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM) from 31st May to 5th July 2008.

Episode 1 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday  2nd June, 13:30
Episode 2 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday  9th June, 13:30
Episode 3 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday 16th June, 13:30
Episode 4 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday 23rd June, 13:30
Episode 5 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday 30th June, 13:30
Episode 6 Saturday 23rd August, 13:30
Monday  7th July, 13:30

About The Series

Anorak war-gaming blogger Andrew Glasgow (Andy Taylor - Harry Enfield and Chums) and his terrifying mother Milena (Caroline Quentin - Men Behaving Badly) feature in this new series which explores Andrew's online quest for love, life and historically accurate re-enactments of famous battles throughout the ages.

Also featuring the multi-talented vocal skills of Simon Greenall (I’m Alan Partridge) and DeNica Fairman (Heil Honey I’m Home) as well as guest appearances from Israel Oyelumade and Poppy Taylor Jones.

The scripts are written by Kris Dyer and Dave Marks with Andy Taylor and the producer is David Morley (Clive Anderson’s Chat Room). It is directed by the multi-award winning Dirk Maggs (Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy).

Sort of Adrian Mole meets Sharpe for the Facebook generation.

Transmission Details - Series 3

The third series of six half-hour shows is being broadcast every Thursday on BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM) from 14th January to 18th February 2010.

Episode 1 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 Council of War
Andrew's job at the local council is threatened by his mother's desperate attempts to get him to move back home...
Episode 2 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 The Root of all Evil
When Andrew lands a job at Hampshire Mutual he has little idea of the impact he's about to make on the local economy...
Episode 3 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 Tragical History Tour
Andrew's attempts to save an historical bus tour operator from going under have extraordinary consequences when he decides to go off-piste...
Episode 4 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 Missionary Impossible
When Andrew embarks on some training in preparation for his missionary work in Africa he has little idea of the horrors in store for him...
Episode 5 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 Out Foxed
Unemployed and destitute Andrew finds himself alienated from his flatmates and sharing his bedroom with a mysterious stranger...
Episode 6 Thursday  8th April, 22:00 Cuckoo in the Nest
Andrew finally decides to admit defeat and move back in with his mother but there's a rather nasty surprise waiting for him...

About The Series

A terrifying event has occurred, a shocking new dawn has broken in the world of Andrew Glasgow. He has been disowned by his mother. At the tender age of 39 the war-gaming blogger faces the biggest battle of his life so far. He needs to find a job...

Starring Caroline Quentin (Men Behaving Badly), Simon Greenall (I'm Alan Partridge), DeNica Fairman (An Arranged Marriage) and the brilliant Andy Taylor (Ruddy Hell It's Harry & Paul) this third series marks a departure into a whole new territory - computers in the work place.

Circular emails, time-wasting websites and illicit Face-booking all come under scrutiny as the series casts a satirical sideswipe at the way we all use new technology in the office.

All this, plus a fresh cast of characters as we're introduced to Andrew's weird and wonderful work colleagues, alongside those firm old favourites his mother, ex-girlfriend and war-gaming pals at Rorkes Drift.

Will Andrew manage to update his blog, check his emails, Facebook his friends and successfully hold down a day job...?

Will he ever be allowed back into "Mamma's bosom"?

It's hard enough having an ex-girlfriend, let alone an ex-mother.

It is written by Kris Dyer, Dave Marks and Andy Taylor and produced by Adam Bromley (Think The Unthinkable, Hut 33) with thanks to Dirk Maggs.

It is an Above The Title production for BBC Radio 2

Exquisitely cruel satirical comedy. This is original and twisted and the don't-miss comedy appointment of the week Radio Times
On the Blog is that rare thing - a funny new radio sitcom The Guardian
This is the funniest sitcom since Ed Reardon's Week The Sunday Times